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If you're new to custom cakes and cookies, you may be surprised to find that they cost more than you anticipated.  


The prevalence of big box stores selling these things for super cheap prices can have people expecting to pay something similar.  Unfortunately, there is a reason Big Store pricing is what it is- their products are factory made with cheaper and artificial ingredients, and flash frozen for up to year.  They are limited in the kinds of flavors and designs they can offer, and their employees are paid lower wages and allotted very short amounts of time to decorate a cake using factory made frosting from a bucket.

Nouveau Cakery is not a Big Box store.

  I am a small batch bakery that bakes each and every layer of cake with care and intent, using only the best, highest quality ingredients.  Sure, I could save money by using artificial flavors and cheaper ingredients, but that isn't who I am.  Real vanilla bean.  Real butter.  Real fruit.  Beautiful, rich, luxurious chocolates...  It's part of what makes Nouveau Cakery stand out.

Baking each layer of cake, making each batch of silky buttercream, zesting each lemon, stirring each batch of fresh fruit jam or compote, lovingly and painstakingly building your cake, carefully frosting each tier, dedicating hours, even MANY hours, to turn your cake into the gorgeous work of Fine Art your event deserves...a lot more goes into your custom cake than most people realize.  This is why high quality custom cakes cost more-

And this is why they are worth the investment.

You have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into your event.  You're considering every detail, making sure everything comes together in just the perfect way.  Don't let DESSERT be where you settle!  Instead, let Nouveau Cakery create something breathtaking.  A work of Fine Art for your eyes-AND your mouth.

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