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Let's Get Started!

You've seen the portfolio, looked over some general pricing, and love what you see!  Now what?

Nouveau Cakery isn't your average bakery.  Here, we do things a little differently.  I'm happy to help guide you through what comes next!


Step 1?  Fill out the questionnaire!  

I have created a form designed to help me gather as much information from you as I can--*before* we start the process of emails and phone calls and text messages.  

This saves tons of time for both of us, eliminating all the back and forth, and helps me be better prepared and more efficient when its time to have our consultation!  

In this questionnaire, you'll find all kinds of questions to help me get a better understanding of who you are and what you're drawn to, the overall vibe of your event.  You will have the opportunity to upload things like mood boards and pictures of things like color palettes, invitations, etc.


***One important note about pictures***

In today's world, where Pinterest and social media have such a big role in planning our events, it has become customary for clients to browse the internet for pictures of cakes they like.

Often (every single day) I will receive messages and emails from potential clients with a picture of a cake (or several cakes) asking how much something like that would be, saying "This is what we are wanting", or "Are you able to make/have you ever made this cake?"

In this industry, there are different kinds of bakers.

Some are great bakers, but not great decorators.

Some are great decorators but not great bakers.

Some are great at both.

Some are great at decorating...but not great at being creative.

I have found that the overwhelming majority of bakers fall into this last category.  Give them a picture to copy and they are all over it!  But ask them to make a cake with a certain theme or give creative freedom and they immediately look up pictures of cakes with that theme.  That is totally okay!

But that is not who *I* am.

I fall under a different category of baker.

I am, first and foremost, an Artist.  A creative.

Can I copy a picture of a cake someone else made?  Absolutely.  However- it is rarely my best work.

I have learned that my best, most popular cake designs, the ones that get tons of likes and comments, the ones that are shared and get the most attention...those are the cakes that I designed myself.  

Cakes made using pictures to copy or to use as inspiration?  They turn out well, but rarely get much attention.

The way that so many decorators experience mental block without seeing a picture of a cake, *I* experience mental block the SECOND I see a cake picture.  As soon as I see it, I can't unsee it.  My own creativity fizzles out and the cake just doesn't come out to be the showstopper it could have been.

So, because I want EVERY cake that leaves my hands to be fully AMAZING,

I ask that my potential clients

**PLEASE DO NOT** send me pictures of cakes.



Maybe you'd like a chance to try some of our cake?  After all, we've all heard stories of beautiful cakes that just didn't taste good-and if it doesn't taste good, what's the point?!  We love our cake and our clients do, too!  ...but tasting is believing!  

While we do not offer in-person tastings at this time, we DO conveniently offer Tasting Boxes!  


Our tasting boxes contain 6 individually wrapped, full slices of cake, in a variety of our flavors.  Flavors will vary and will depend on what we're baking that week.  We have so many flavors that its just not possible to keep them ALL on hand, but if there is one flavor in particular that you just have your heart set on, let us know, and we will do our best to make that happen!


 (And, you absolutely do NOT have to choose of the flavors in your tasting box as YOUR cake flavor!  The purpose of the tasting box is to get an idea of what our cakes are like- the texture, the mouthfeel, the level of sweetness, the overall quality.  Once you've experienced that, you can be better prepared to confidently choose a flavor- knowing that it will be amazing!)


Tasting Boxes are $45 and easily shared by 2-4 people.   

Order your Tasting Box


You've ordered your tasting box!  Now it's time to schedule your consultation!

All consultations are currently held over Zoom.  I can provide you with a list of available dates and times, and you can choose which works best for you!  Calls are scheduled for 1 hr, but can vary depending on your needs and the information I gather from you beforehand.

This is our chance to really connect.  I want to get to know you, your story, and what you hope to convey to your guests-  we talk about likes, dislikes, any relevant information, and get a good, clear picture of the direction you'd like to take.

Sometimes, during the call, I am able to do a rough sketch of the design I have in mind, but I may need a little time after the call to process and let inspiration guide me, in which case I will reach out to you once I have my complete vision and share what I have in mind, sometimes with a couple of variations based on budget.

Once we have our design, I will be able to give you a final quote and send your invoice for your 50% retainer and your contract to sign.  

Your paid retainer and signed contract finalize your spot on our calendar!

Initial consultations are complementary with the purchase of your tasting box. 

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