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~~What's the story behind Nouveau Cakery?~~

How do you even SAY that word?! What does it mean?

I'm happy to explain!


When I knew I needed to rebrand my business, I knew I needed to find the PERFECT name! Something that captured exactly everything I wanted my business to embody, something that felt RIGHT.

As an artist, I knew right away that I wanted to find a name that was somehow related to art. But what? I agonized over this. I tried out so many options, and none of them were it. Then, one day, while I sat in the drive thru line at CVS, it hit me.


What is Nouveau? Nouveau is a French word (pronounced NU-VO) and it means NEW! In art, different time periods and styles of art are given names- and my *favorite* art period is Art Nouveau! During this era (around the turn of the 20th century), characteristics of Art Nouveau were found all over- from paintings to posters, architecture, furniture, decor, jewelry, you name it! Art Nouveau was all about muted tones, curvy lines, and heavily inspired by nature. It speaks to my soul.

Nouveau Cakery. There in the CVS parking lot, I said it aloud to myself. It rolled off my tongue and I felt a spark! I immediately began to question myself and think of the Pros and Cons..but with every con I thought of, I found myself defending the name. I knew that people might not know how to SAY it. I knew that people would wonder what it meant. I knew that, perhaps, only a select few would understand the reference to Art Nouveau- But in my heart, I KNEW that THIS was my business name, and I knew that I would gladly answer any questions (and help people know how to say it, lol).

~~Nouveau Cakery~~

It literally means NEW CAKERY. Its a nod to art that inspires my soul. Its a nod to the rebirth of my business. It's elegant, a little exotic, and it makes my soul smile. (Souls can smile, right? I think they can.)

My hope is that Nouveau Cakery can bring inspiration, beauty, and elegance into the world, one dessert at a time. Its not "just a cake"- its a thing of beauty-a centerpiece-a work of ART to consume with your eyes AND your mouth!

And let's be real-it HAS to be just as amazing to eat as it is to look at.


Erin Burton is the owner and sugar artist behind Nouveau Cakery!

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